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AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing liquid is proven to be effective under various tests of European Standard in killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria (including New Coronavirus) by breaking up their cell membranes and deactivating their protease, RNA and DNA with the presence of APT+ionsTM uniquely manufactured by AQUA PRO+TECH. The sanitizing liquid is odorless, colorless and free of harmful chemicals, which is also tested to be non-irritating to skin and eyes, and not harmful for inhalation and oral intake, and hence suitable for babies, pregnant women, pets, and people with sensitive skin (e.g. Eczema).

Why AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray has such strong sanitizing effect whilst with main ingredient of pure water?

AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose spray is made mainly from 99.98% purified water and 0.02% potassium carbonate (Food-grade) with advanced technology. The right level of alkalinity has excellent cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing power, yet is not harmful to skin and our living environment. The spray can effectively kill germs by breaking up their cell membrane and deactivate its protease, RNA and DNA.

How shall we use AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray?

AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray is suitable for use on the surface of objects and directly to the environment, such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, pet appliances, baby rooms, etc., and can also be sprayed directly on household daily necessities, clothings, air, hands and body.

How to use: Spray directly in the air or object surface without wiping or rinsing with water subsequently. After spraying, we could let the sanitizing liquid dry naturally or leave it for one minute. The sanitizing spray could kill bacteria and viruses stayed on the object surface being sprayed. When we come across obstinate dirt, it is recommended to do preliminary cleansing before spraying the sanitizing liquid.

Where had the AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray been tested?

The AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray has passed various efficacy tests of Europea standards EN14476 and EN1276, and American international standards ASTM E-1052 and ASTM E-2315, which were conducted under the specified environment in the acrredited laboratories by the recognized testing institutions. For details, please refer to the associated test reports or contact us for enquiries.

Where can we apply AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray?

AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray can be used as hand sanitizing liquid and will not cause skin allergy without the presence of alcohol and other harmful chemicals. It can also be used for air purification and pet sanitizing. We can spray it to public area and workplace for disinfection, and use at outdoor, such as application on seats, door handle, restaurant table, mobile phone, clothes, etc.

Can we use AQUA PRO+TECH to sanitize the utensils when we dine out?

AQUA PRO+TECH is safe and natural, which does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, and is proven safe for oral intake. Thus, it can be used to disinfect utensils when we dine out by spraying it onto them, and letting them dry.

Why AQUA PRO+TECH is very suitable for pets?

Pets can easily bring bacteria and virus back home, and affect the healthiness of our family. AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray is natural and safe, odorless and colorless, and would unlikely be resisted by pets when spraying on them for disinfection. It could also be used as air purification, and remove the most of the odor coming from the pets, and render a pleasant living environment to pet owners.

Can AQUA PRO+TECH apply to all kinds of object surface?

AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray is suitable for most of the objects in our daily lives. However, it may cause discoloration to the surface of some leather, wooden, metal, lacquerware and special materials, and it is suggested to wipe them dry once after spraying on associated materials.

Why AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray is suitable for babies, pregnant women and people of skin allergy?

AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray does not contain alcohol and harmful chemicals, which is natural and safe. There is no harmful in case of accidental contact with eye, ear, mouth and nose. As it would not cause allergy and irritation to skin and eye, it is highly suitable for babies, pregnant women and people with skin allergy (e.g. Eczema and Psoriasis). Frequent use of normal sanitizing products with alcohol and harmful chemicals would render rashes, cracks and even inflammation on skin.

Can AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray protect us from virus infection?

Preventive measures against viruses must be multi-pronged. Apart from using sanitizing sprays, we must wear masks when going out, wash our hands frequently, and maintain social distancing. Further, spraying sanitizing spray on clothings and body can also reduce the chance of bringing bacteria and viruses on the surface into another place, and hence reduce the chance of secondary transmission.

How AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray remove odor?

The organic molecules of AQUA PRO+TECH spray can effectively destroy micro-organisms on the surface of the object, and decompose the odor generated by micro-organisms, tobacco, wine, garbage, fridge and shoes.

How shall we do for accidental intake of AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray?

AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray is for external use. Though it contains no poisonous materials, we shall drink water and consult doctor for accidental intake of large amount of it.

How shall we store AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray? What is the expiry date of the product?

AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray shall be kept in cool place without direct sunlight for the best sanitizing effect, which shall be used before the expiry date.

What is the feeling after using AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray?

Unlike other sanitizing products with alcohol and chemicals rendering our skin dry and allergy, AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray does not contain alcohol and harmful chemicals, it would not give you drying out nor sticking feeling and hence is skin-friendly.

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